Rick Dantzler

Rick Dantzler

Warehouse Manager
A 19 year veteran of the Events Industry, Rick now manages our 15,000 square foot warehouse, our trucking fleet, and also lends his expertise on many events. He is an especially proud father and grandfather as well as an Army veteran.

Q. What’s your work philosophy?
I am my toughest critic, so I work until it looks good to me and then I know that the client will be happy.
Q. What do you think of Brian Toner?
Best boss ever… hands down.
Q. What’s the most memorable event you’ve worked on and why?
When I had to light Air Force 2 so that the secret service could keep it secure at the Williamsport Airport while doing lights for VPOTUS Dick Chaney as they campaigned for their second term.
Q. What three words would your co-workers use to describe you?
Multi-talented, knowledgeable, and very handsome

Key Players

Brian Toner

Tim Mrosko
Director of Business Development

Kevin Levis
Account Executive

Ig Swart
Account Executive

Rian Winther
Account Executive

Christopher Nicksa
Operations and Development Manager

Greg Callison
Warehouse Operations Manager

Rick Dantzler
Warehouse Manager

Andrew Glickman
Production Manager - Lighting

Adam Ragland
Project Manager

Photo Credit : Sarah DiCicco